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Can I recommend adding text similar to "GameMaker uses BGR instead of RGB)" to the color documentation here:


This came up when I was editing a sprite in GameMaker's image editor, which shows the image in RGB hex. For example #FF9E0D is a nice light orange in any image editor including GM's. But if I draw_set_color($FF9E0D) the color is blue (the FF and 0D are flipped).

It might also be worth showing in an example on draw_set_color() here:

https://docs.yoyogames.com/source/d...wing/colour and blending/draw_set_colour.html

Thanks to great people (yyg) in discord for their help.


The hexadecimal value for these colours is split into three parts with the format Blue / Green / Red
From the page you linked. I'm not sure how much more cut and dry it can get. It is definitely weird that the image editor uses the opposite convention though; I'd never thought about that before, and it's quite unintuitive at that. (Not that BGR in and of itself isn't unintuitive :p)


I'm blind... glossed right over it. Though I still think it would be worth an example on the draw_set_color() page. My bad, looking at a screen way too long!