Audio Do you guys ever have problems with audio cutting out when compiling through the IDE or in an exe?


I'm making a gameboy-style game, and I've been using this awesome tool to generate the sound effects for it. Most sounds work okay, but once in a while I create a sound that's perfect for what I need - usually one that's somewhat staticy for effects like electricity - and it just... doesn't work in gamemaker. The sound plays fine when I record it and play it back. It plays fine when I play it back in the IDE after importing it. But when I run the game to test, the sound totally cuts out - the BGM, the sound effect itself, it just plays a loud, brief static sound then goes quiet for about 3 seconds, then makes another, quieter static sound, then the sound fades back in.

I've tried changing the file type to wav/mp3/ogg, I've tried converting the file to stereo and mono, I've tried setting it to different levels of compression... nothing seems to fix it.

The sound effects are pretty much perfect for what I'm trying to do, so I really want to use them... if they'll actually PLAY that is.

Any ideas what's going on here?


I'm really at a loss here. It seems like every other sound I record just... doesn't get processed correctly by gamemaker. What a shame. I don't really know how else to get the sound effects I need, or how to make this work. So demotivating.


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What format are they in when exported? If they're in a non-standard bitrate maybe they're not parsed properly. Can other programs play them properly? Try using something like Audacity to just load them and then export them to new files with a standard bitrate (e.g. stereo 44.1 kHz), it might help with the issue if it's indeed a format mismatch.