Do I need UWP to release Desktop Only Games in Microsoft store?


Just purchased GM2 Professional + HTML add in for $149 total (Discounted because I already had the GMS versions).

The UWP module ($400) is out of my price range...but I have several educational games I wanted to put in Microsoft's App Store.
I just need Windows Desktop...and don't plan on releasing any portable versions of my games.

Can I put GMS 2 games in Microsoft's App store with what I have?
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Afaik, the windows store can only be targeted using UWP, but the Desktop target will permit you to use Steam, GoG,, Gamejolt, etc, etc, etc... which are probably better markets anyway. ;)


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I believe microsoft has a tool to wrap win32 apps in uwp app.
Called desktop bridge or something.
You could use that. (Makes the uwp module a little useless to my eyes)