Asset - Extension DLCEXT - Jack Of All Trades [v1.1.3] (Proximity Voice Chat, Port Forwarding, Text to Speech, and more)


Hello there. :)

Pardon the ambiguous title, for lack of a better way to aptly describe the extension I just went with this one.

What you're looking at is a Windows extension (.dll) for your GameMaker 2.x projects (not tested, but should work with 2.3 just as well). Whenever I started serious work in the game dev department, I quickly noticed that there were some areas GMS2 doesn't really provide much functionality for (if any) out of the box; so I took it upon myself to face these obstacles and create a one-stop-shop solution that I'd be able to rely upon in future projects as well. Everything I wasn't able to achieve natively, I wanted the extension to do. So it's basically a compilation of things that you may or may not want/need in your game at some point, especially if you're developing for online multiplayer.


From the marketplace description:

FEATURES (37 functions in total)

  • Retrieve both local and public IPv4 addresses of your internet gateway device (i.e. router)
  • Mask your IPv4 address(es) as invitation code(s) for peer-to-peer multiplayer sessions
  • Set and remove port forwardings via Universal Plug & Play (UPnP) or NAT-PMP
  • Interruptible text-to-speech with the ability to set voice, volume and speed parameters
  • Read, write and delete values and keys from the Windows registry
  • Easy to use message logging with customizable prefix and output file name
  • Lock the mouse cursor to your active game window (or any screen region)
  • Extensive voice chat functionality powered by OPUS

While this is a paid extension indeed, I very much encourage you to try before you buy - there's a link to a free demo app available from the marketplace page, as well as a quick reference guide for all functions that are included.

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I've just updated the marketplace asset to version 1.1.3 :)

  • Added a function to allow left/right audio channel panning (balance) for voice chat
  • Fixed a critical bug that would cause a crash if more than 2 clients were speaking
  • Fixed yet another bug that was preventing log files from being created properly
  • Increased the lease time of NAT-PMP port mappings to 96 hours (up from 24)
  • Overhauled the entire audio subsystem to use XAudio2 instead of WinMM
  • Dropped Windows 7 support as a result of the above mentioned overhaul
  • Lots of minor fixes, code optimizations and stability improvements