GMC Jam Diverge [Post Jam]


Created by: @Bingdom, @Iodinex64, @KrotoR
You were always an unusual child; lonely, quiet. Never had many friends, but always so curious and inquisitive. Unbeknownst to you, a watchful eye was kept for all these years on you until you approached your pitiful young adulthood; lonely and sad. One night, as you laid down to sleep though, you did not wake up in your bed. Everything was green. You couldn't breathe. You smash your way out of your glass prison, and a power surges through you; an uneasy, cold feeling of duality.
Life... death... You are both.
This is how the man that became death escaped.

Diverge, A game where you play as an experimental being. You must escape this lab where you have been caged for who knows how long. Using your unique power, you're able to hide from enemies, merge through soft terrain and reach higher places. Watch out! As you are in another form, you are still susceptible to hazards. Ghosts have one weakness and that is light!

So, how do I play?
WASD to move.
Space to shift between your living and ghostly form.
E to interact with levers and signs.
F1 to go fullscreen.
BEWARE: Scientists and Guards will attack you in human form, but as a ghost, they cannot see you.

Here are some screenshots

So, what are you waiting for? Go download it now!
Download Link

Some notes
  • I created the first 3 levels (including the intro).
  • This uses the correct scaling compared to the Jam version. Everything should look neat now.
  • You can find the GMC Jam version here.
  • OST
  • A walkthrough video of the game [Outdated].
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