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So, I was wondering something stupid, and I thought man, I have so many small questions I want to ask, but I don't want a thread for each. I personally don't want people knowing on a large thread that I couldn't remember to put So, I propose an Idea. Discord. For gamers, but who says it's not for game makers? Discord is a chat room that might help some people not wait a day for a response. Voice chat will be disabled. But, people can ask quick questions and continue working on there games rapidly. I know this sounds like advertising, but it isn't. I can make a simple one for the Gamemaker Community, or you can trash this idea and go on with business. You can check out their website to see more stuff that I don't know. Just a thought.

Stupidest Question I've asked all year
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Okay, it's been said a number of times earlier. There is not going to be an official Discord chatroom (or any chatroom, for that matter), for it will be nightmare when it comes to moderation. There are already a few active unofficial chatrooms and most of them have their own topics in the Off Topic forum -- just do a quick forum search. If you want to create your own chatroom, then you're free to do so and create a topic in the Off Topic forum. But there will be no official chatrooms. So topic closed. Sorry.
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