Windows Discord - Scroll down shooter


(I don't know if you're still working on the project, but since I played it, I'm gonna give some feedback anyways)
Heyo, I gave it a try, and here's what I've come up with for some feedback!

-Allow an option to toggle off the sound effects.
-Give a visual indication when invulnerability is worn off(aside from just flashing really quickly). When I was playing, I was just under the impression that I never got invulnerability.
-Have it so enemies stop shooting when you die.
-Have some sound play when you select an option on the main menu for some player feedback.
-Scale the player's death explosion to be a bit bigger. Right now it feels like a weak explosion.
-Do you plan on adding lives? Right now dying doesn't feel like a punishment at all.
-Adding some sound to when you get hit would be really helpful, just so the player doesn't have to keep looking in the bottom left corner.
-There's a slight delay when you hit enter on Options, it gives a "laggy" sorta feel.
-The purple enemies(ones that shoot in 4 directions with lasers) lasers stay present even after they die.