GMC Jam [discontinued]The Weekly Game 1: Collateral Core

What is this about?

The Weekly Game is a gamecomic. A webgame. A gameseries. It is a series of short stories, not unlike a regular 4-pannel comic that you can find everywhere on the internet. Except here, those stories have gameplay!


Each game separates in phases:
  • An intro cutscene
  • An exploration phase where you can talk to NPCs and other players (those phases come with an integrated chatroom which I will sit in even when i'm developping the game. Please come by and have a nice conversation with the dev!) to learn more about what is happening.
  • A gameplay phase. Each one has its own highscores table.
  • 2 possible endings, depending on how well you perform in the game.

During exploration phases:
  • Arrow keys/ WASD: move
  • Space bar/ left click: interact/ advance dialog
  • Mouse hover on things: see their description.
  • Enter: Open chat
The gameplay controls are explained in the beginning of each gameplay segment.
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It's funny, my game's update speed is directly linked to the gamejolt servers so I can know in advance when their chat is going to freeze.
I just hope I'm not the one causing the freezes with my 3 connections every 2 seconds.