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@Katsaii presents:
A Pure GML Spriter Runtime for GameMaker Studio 2.3+

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View the full license here. If you use this tool, please make sure to credit me as "Katsaii" under Additional Programming. Feel free to link to my homepage or Twitter.

The successor to my previous 2D skeletal animation runtime, except aiming to support only Spriter Pro. This version is far more performant, being able to handle around 30 running animations of my character playing simultaneously, without dropping below 60 fps on the VM export.

  • Multiple entities per armature
  • Pivot points
  • Character maps
  • Sprite and point attachments
  • Bone keyframes for translation, scale, rotation, parent, and transparency
  • Attachment keyframes for translation, scale, rotation, parent, transparency, pivot point, frame index, and z-index
  • Animating between keyframes instantly, or by using linear interpolation, quadratic interpolation, or cubic animation
  • Animating the z-order and hierarchy of bones and sprites
  • Combine and layer multiple character maps
  • Modify entity data at runtime
  • Render animations whose sprites span multiple texture pages
  • Blend between multiple animations
  • Bake groups of animations into a sequence of vertex buffers that can be reused later


Playing back an animation in GameMaker

As seen in Spriter Pro
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A tiny patch that fixes a bug with getting bone data:

Currently I'm having trouble supporting HTML5, but it is something I would like to figure out in the future. Since the codebase is pretty cursed this will probably end up in a 2.0.0 version of Disarm, carefully written to support HTML5 (instead of trying to fix bugs that can sometimes mysteriously arise between export targets).