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 Disappearing Sprites

I've had sprites randomly disappear recently in the IDE (resource tree). For example, I'll be working on a sprite in the sprite editor and it just disappears... Then sometimes if I toggle its visibility it will reappear, but mostly not. Its icon cannot been seen in the resource tree at such point either. There is plenty of space on their assigned texture pages when this happens, soooo I don't know.
I should also not that these are large sprites... Some of them are 800x1400 or more. But it hasn't happened with some of my other sprites that are 1920x1080. Strange and very worrisome.

Anybody ever have this happen?


Edit: It turned out that this was happening due to merger layers down rather than merging all of them prior to saves... At least that's what seems like right now and it's working.
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I thought I had this solved, but I don't. The pixel sizes of the sprites are not the problem; the problem is file size and perhaps checking or not checking "premultiply alpha" in texture settings in sprite editor. So here are my 2 direct questions:
Is there a file size limit for what GMS2 can handle, or is this just a matter of one's hardware limits?
Is it necessary to check "premultiply alpha" in texture settings if there are any transparent pixels whatsoever in a sprite?