GMS 2 Disappearing chicken? Sprites disappearing during animation.

Hello everyone, I apologize for my newness but I have been banging my head against a wall trying to solve this problem. I have been following Friendly Cosmonaut's tutorial series. i decided to change up the code that was provided for the NPCs for the rest of my other sprites to walk around randomly. I thought I made the necessary changes, but my sprites will walk around randomly and then disappear and then reappear at a different location. I presume the problem lies with the draw event but I'm not sure.

w_spd = 1;
n_spd = 2;
r_spd = 3;
spd = w_spd;
x_frame = 0;
y_frame = 1;
x_offset = sprite_get_xoffset(mask_index);
y_offset = sprite_get_yoffset(mask_index);
spr_chicken = spr_chicken_walk;
//c_shadow = spr_chicken_shadow;
moveX = 0;
moveY = 0;
can_move = true;
alarm[1] = 1;

DRAW Event
var c_anim_length = 4;
var c_frame_size = 32;
var c_anim_speed = 6;
var xx = x-x_offset;
var yy = y-y_offset;

if(x_frame + (c_anim_speed/60) < c_anim_length -1) { x_frame += c_anim_speed/60; }
else { x_frame = 1; }
if (moveX < 0) y_frame = 1; //left
else if (moveX > 0) y_frame = 3; //right
else if (moveY < 0) y_frame = 4; //up
else if (moveY > 0) y_frame = 2; //down
else x_frame = 0;

if(spr_chicken != -1) draw_sprite_part(spr_chicken, 0, floor(x_frame)*c_frame_size, y_frame*c_frame_size, c_frame_size, c_frame_size, xx,yy);

moveX = 0;
moveY = 0;
var idle = choose(0,1);
if(idle == false) {
var dir = choose(1,2,3,4);
switch(dir) {
case 1: moveX = -spd; break;
case 2: moveX = spd; break;
case 3: moveY = -spd; break;
case 4: moveY = spd; break;
alarm[1] = random_range(2.5, 4)*room_speed;


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Without analysing the code too much, I notice these lines:

if (moveX < 0) y_frame = 1; //left
else if (moveX > 0) y_frame = 3; //right

Shouldn't that be x_frame and not y_frame?
Without analysing the code too much, I notice these lines:

if (moveX < 0) y_frame = 1; //left
else if (moveX > 0) y_frame = 3; //right

Shouldn't that be x_frame and not y_frame?
Unfortunately that only caused the chicken to perform the cha, cha slide. He also continued to disappear sadly. The code is almost the same for the NPCs. I switched out the sprite of the chicken for one of the human NPCs and the code performed correctly. I wonder if it is something with my sprite sheet and the code?



else if (moveY < 0) y_frame = 4; //up
shouldn't it be y_frame = 0;

because the up sprite is on the first row .. and 4 would be the 5th row


It seems like what you're doing is taking a large sprite sheet and using it as a single single sprite, using draw_sprite_part to draw the appropriate sprite's frame.

Isn't it just easier to just make 4 sprites? Like you can do it this way, but I don't know anyone else that does really. That's one of the advantages to GMS's animation system, you can just do "sprite_index = <whatever>" and you're done, no 50 lines of code monstrosity. When you want the chicken to stop, just use image_speed = 0 and change it back when you're done. is great for chopping up spritesheets into different gifs if that's what you need. (edit: actually, in GMS it is pretty easy to do as well, just go to import sprite sheet and select only the row you need)

But if you really want to do it this way, we'd need to see the sheet for the human as well, since if it's working for that, but not this, it'll probably be pretty easy for us to figure out.

Edit TailBit is probably correct, though. But I don't get why it would fail for the chicken but not the NPC o_O
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