Released DinoMash is Free to Play on iOS & Android


Hello everyone!

On June 15th, I released DinoMash for iOS and Android! DinoMash is a deceptively simple arcade game for iOS and Android that throws you in a goofy vehicle with no fuel, and hordes of dinosaurs are everywhere. Dive down hills, soar through through the air, and perform creative maneuvers in order to reach crazy speeds!

The game is addictively soothing. We tried our best to have DinoMash remain challenging and addicting, while not overly frustrating the player. DinoMash's vibrant graphics, goofy characters, and cheerful music keep you smiling; not swearing!

We wanted to make something family friendly that still appeals to those who like a challenge. Sure, not everyone will be thrilled about the cute, colorful graphics and lack of blood and mass destruction; but we really wanted to make something fun, light hearted, and family friendly that still gets really competitive and requires skill to master.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts! Cheers!

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DinoMash Info Portal: website | presskit | twitter | vine | devblog | facebook