Free Digital Aquarium



I'm making a pixel aquarium.
Relax and watch fish go about their day.
Sometimes there's a turtle too!
Extra chunky 48x36 pixels.

# Added more fish, with more colours
# More bubbles
# Changed the rough 10fps 1px movement of the fish to a smooth 60fps experience
# Fish school speed varies and changes

Download Digital Aquarium
3MB for Windows
10MB for Android

Any feedback is welcome.
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Improved the animation of the seaweed. It looks way nicer now. Also changed the spawning of the seaweed so it doesn't overlap. New version uploaded.

Time to make a new video again. :p


New version uploaded with improvements:

- Mouse-click or screen-tap scares away the fish.

- Fish can also swim behind the plants, giving the scene more depth.

- Plants animate separately from each other, witch makes the transition feel way more smoother. I did this by adding +=x*3 to the animation alarm when the plant object is created.

- Colorful icons and android splash-screen added.


More organisms?
Maybe :]
I was thinking about an occasional dolphin in the background. (There is a turtle in the background sometimes in the current version.)
Maybe I'll try out some bigger fish.
When I started I was thinking of corals and clams at the bottom.
Thanks for the feedback!

If anyone has ideas I'm all ear!