Legacy GM Dialog Text box help




What I'm trying to do is to make Dialoge appear when I click a certain object ( i'm trying to make a small point and click game) and make a branching dialog sytem (I think that's what it's called)
where the player can choose two things to ask and get different answers depending on what they ask,

and one would just end the dialog after one sentence and when the player clicks the object again it says a different thing then before, and the other would move the object and then remove it from the room completly.

I only found tutorials for textbooxes/dialog that show one how to make a textbox appear on the screen when starting the game, but not how to attach it to an object, etc.

(I used this one

Does somebody here know a tutorial for what I'm trying to do?
And I hope this is not a too stupid question, I'm still pretty bad it this but I'm trying to learn.

Geoff Jones

The way I did it in my RPG when the player "looks" at an object, was to create an o_looktext object that displayed a given string variable that was contained inside the object being looked at. So for example: A chair object had a variable inside such as looktext="A chair.". When the player looks at the chair, it would create an o_looktext instance that would then display the looktext variable of the chair. The o_looktext instance would then destroy itself after a set time depending on how long the string is.