Developing on windows, exporting to Mac


I'm making a game on a windows machine, but I'd like to export to Mac. I have a license that should allow me to do so, but when I export on my machine it automatically makes it a windows-only version. I tried installing GMS2 on the Mac I have access to, moving the project to that computer, and exporting while on there, but there's some strangeness going on there. Assets don't always appear when I open the project, and when I try to build it doesn't do anything.

Also, the game is online multiplayer, and when I try to connect a client on the Mac to a server on the Windows comp, they just crash. The client says that the first parameter of buffer_write is undefined (the client socket), despite there being two buffer_write calls using the same socket that worked just fine, and the server says that it is getting an "invalid with reference."

Am I basically just going to have to write a mac version of this game as well as a windows one?
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Top right corner, click where there' something like:

Windows | Local | VM | Default

That will pop a menu where you can select your export platform, compiler, and some other options as well.

You may run into some minor compatibility issues, but it shouldn't be that bad for a Win->Mac port, compared to a console or HTML port (pure guesswork from me, here)