Developing for the Atari VCS... with GMS2?


ok, I just receive the newsletter to become a Atari VCS developer, but...will GMS2 support this console?
With the caveat that no one can say for sure about an unreleased platform, given that it supposedly runs Linux executables it's not outside the realm of possibilities that an Ubuntu exported game would run (Ubuntu is Debian based, and the Atari VCS is supposedly as well so in theory a good fit). But it would be foolish to assume it will work flawlessly and with all required features you may desire.


After what happened with Ouya and Tizen, I don't think YoYo is going to jump head-first into new platforms anymore. Since it's a Debian-based Linux distro, try a small-scale experiment with Ubuntu export on it first. And you should expect some extension-writing to be involved.


I would add that I've not heard a lot of good things about this 'Atari' project - massively overpriced, and vapourware, are 2 things I've read.

...but of course, I'm happy to be proved wrong - looks like it's picked up momentum recently, at least. :)

Just hate to see a fellow GMS'er invest time and energy without being covered... I understand it MAY well actually appear 'in the flesh' at some point, but whether it's in the expected format / system, may be another thing....
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Yeah it’s been in development for a while. It would be fun to look at it. I don’t think it will be a large audience. Fun to play with it when it comes out.


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According to Atari, Atari VCS can support nearly all Linux programs. It should be able to support GameMaker.
The problem is going to be about making GMS support Atari VCS(not the other way around). Are the gamepads going to work like generic Linux gamepads? Or are there some specific functions you will have to call to access them? Input isn't the only thing involved, but its a good chunk of it for sure.


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Atari is making consoles again? Good thing they found the E.T. landfill a couple of years ago so they can reuse it if things don't pan out, I suppose.
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The new Atari VCS is out now, and games are being made for it. I asked this same question a while back. Hopefully it will be easy to get GMS games working with the new VCS. I know I am interested in trying. My VCS should arrive next week. :)


People who pre-ordered are starting to receive their units now, and Game Stop is showing a 8-June--2021 release date. Hopefully more support is coming our way. I have the Atari VCS 800 Collector's Edition, and I have been wondering the same thing about GMS support. I also have Game Maker Studio 2, and am hoping to pull some games over to the new VCS.
I know basically nothing about this thing, but I do know that you didn't Google that question before asking here.
Let me do the research for you.

Atari VCS’ PC Mode provides users with a completely open and customizable PC experience for the TV or desktop via almost any operating system software. Existing PC game libraries, retro emulation platforms and other capabilities are easily unlocked with the right know-how.
Develop your games using standard game development platforms like Unity and Linux, with additional development platform compatibility coming soon.