Team Request Dev Seeking Talented Members


Any talented and experienced individuals who are interested in collaborating on a game in progress. I'm most interested in finding someone to brainstorm ideas with who can also bring quality code or art to the table as well. The main skills I am looking for are creative thinking, attention to detail, and the ability to collaborate without an ego. I plan on finishing the project by myself but I'd gladly speed things up with the right small team.

Personal Summary:
I am an artist, programmer, and musician currently employed as a Full Stack Web Developer who is interested in having a project to focus on over the winter. I also have my bachelors degree in Computer Animation and I've been programming in GameMaker on and off for about 4 years. I have additional experience in web marketing as well. I started on this project a long time ago but I had to make a tough decision between pursuing finishing this game or finding a stable career. I went with the latter with the intention of coming back to gamedev once my life was in a better position, and here I am!

Game Premise:
Metroidvania in a magical setting. Travel through the different elemental realms, upgrade abilities that allow you to explore further.

What is already done:
- Just about every character animation
- Several enemies
- Several tilesets
- A working demo
- A bit of concept art
- A couple funky tracks

Please send me an email at, skype me at SchweeDubulus, or shoot me a message here in the forums if you're interested. Only considering devs that are 18+ and located in North America for practical reasons.