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Windows Detect controller type for correct button prompts


What is the current best way to detect a controller type?
I would like to display button prompts automatically according to the type of controller.

- gamepad_get_description(gamepadID) is unreliable. When ran from Steam, it always returns "Xinput Standard Controller" - even for a PS4 or another direct Input controller.
- Any way to get the information directly from Steam? (when launched from Steam, obviously) It seems Steam Input HAS that info but I can't see any GameMaker function to retrieve it.

I know I can add an option to change button prompts (and probably will anyway) but the truth is, most players won't bother - and they shouldn't HAVE to.


Well, that doesn't work for Steam - everything is detected as "Xinput controller" or something like that.
So I gave up on the idea and gave an option (in the... options) to the players instead.