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Windows Desperate Times


Desperate Times is a spectacular bullet hell shmup in which each time you reload you transform into another ship with a new random weapon. Along with the new weapon you can get any number of weapon mods.
Your weapon alone won't be enough, however. Even with a Triple Laser Sword Gun or an Explosive Laser Sword Gun or a Triple Giant Explosive Penetrating Hyper Laser Sword Gun, you'll still have to bob and weave against the maelstrom of elaborate bullet hell patterns.​



Bullet hell yes this needs to be made and played! LASER SWORDS!


i really like the concept of a randomly generated bullet-hell!

i'm not that great at them, but i have played touhou and ikaruga so i'm not completely unfamiliar.

one thing i noticed was that the bullets are difficult to see. in the preview gifs there appears to be plenty of contrast, but as i'm playing i feel a bit blinded. i recall learning in a color theory class that red and green in particular are uncomfortable to view side by side (you can test it out by putting red font on a green background and vise versa). it's good that the enemy bullets are all the same unique shape and color, but despite that as things are exploding i seem to lose track of them in the chaos.

if you take the color out of your preview gifs you can see how things kind of blend together. [pic attached to post] maybe if you made the player's bullets and the explosions a bit darker it might alleviate this.

but that's just my opinion, maybe my eyes are too sensitive haha

otherwise i think it's a really cool concept and executed well! it is visually appealing, the different weapons are fun and unique, and it's exciting as you're not sure what to expect.



Reminded me a little bit of galaga and perfect dark.
But the sound effects were bad and gave me a headache.
People seem to think that sfxr=classic=good sound effects.
But most sfxr sound effects are bad and tinny sounding. Like, you aren't going to get those classic sound effects from DOS games, just headache producing sound effects from sfxr.

The game was not as fun to play as Raptor Call of the Shadows.
Also there was no difficult option, and the difficulty was kind of bogus because there were undodgeaball walls of projectiles sometimes.
And I finally beat the first level, then died and the game had the setting on "Retreat" as default, when the other 20 times it said the usual "try again", so i didnt even notice and accidentally hit retreat which closed the game, didn't even give me an 'Are you sure you want to exit the game' message and didn't even exit to the menu, then it didn't even save any of my progress, extremely unthoughtful and uncourteous in my opinion.


Looks totally mental :)

I really like your use of particles, screenshake and user feedback.

One suggestion? The enemies are a bit passive - The bullets exhibit more interesting behaviours than they do - which is fine but good enemies should have a little personality I think. :)


One suggestion? The enemies are a bit passive - The bullets exhibit more interesting behaviours than they do - which is fine but good enemies should have a little personality I think. :)
Nah, they're automated robot ship things, they have no personality.

So, I'm always adding more weapons. Here's the Homing Laser Vacuum Sword Sword Gun, which is a giant sword that shoots lasers. It also sucks in enemy bullets and makes them friendly. Additionally, it shoots smaller swords that also shoot lasers. Then it explodes into a giant ring of swords.

Also a new level transition animation.