Describe your love life in a video game quote.



"He may be a recluse, but he helps the tribe by picking herbs and brewing medicines." - Fia (Horizon: Zero Dawn)



Describing my marriage with the game Pong: "old and worn out"


Member're a prostitute? :p
And apparently a very nasty, but very discreet one? X'D
I dont think Ive ever made it much of a secret that I've never had a GF, but Im a total man slut and have had a tone of FWB lol

Lots of partners and haven't loved one. I'm a very emotionally dense person so it really takes an awful lot for me to respect someone enough to even begin to allow that level of connection to escape my head. One of my FWB is a lot older, and a lot richer than I am though. She just drops over 100 bucks on dinner for 2 like its nothing. So in a sense, I certainly feel like a ***** XD
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