Legacy GM Depth [solved]


How can I set the depth of one instance?
Because my semi-solid-platform (one way platform) appears in front of the other semi solid platforms.
See PNG:

But I want it as in the room editor:

That the 2 bottom platforms are in front of the top one.
I knew about the object_set_depth function, but that changes the depth of the object itself.


The Manual entry for object_set_depth() said:
Please note that this is not an instance function! You can set the depth of individual instances using the depth variable and so have ten instances all with different depths even though the object in question has the depth set to another value in the IDE, and even if you change the depth of the object to something else using this function, all instances that currently in the room will remain as they were, and only instances created after calling the function will start with the new depth.