Depth definitions

I would like GM's interface to allow us to give the possibility to use depth definitions in the room editors. I over use depths in my games and sometimes get lost in which value is for which depth. Having a drop down list with our customized depth definitions would be great! Usually, once in the room editor, I have no more code window opened and I often need to go back in my code to consult my list of depths because I do not remember if grass is 10 or 5 so...

Instead of having a drop down menu like this in the room editor:
  • 0
  • 5
  • 10
  • 50
  • -50
It would look like this:
  • Player depth (0)
  • Grass (5)
  • Land (10)
  • Background decoration (50)
  • Foreground decoration (-50)


Would be a neat feature, perhaps. But I'm personally okay with just using a piece of paper. I have 2 reams of paper at the foot of my bed left over from my college days. :(

But as FrostyCat (I think) said, you can always just make macros/enums for this yourself. So YYG won't implement it because that means it's very low priority for them. Anything you can do with enums/macros will probably never get implemented in GM as a default functionality because you can already do it yourself.