[DEMO] School Wars!! (high school adventure with time travel)


hey guys! it's been a long time and a lot has happened... (wow i just noticed i edited my last post exactly one year ago!)
i went to live at spelkollektivet for 6 months, a game dev co-living space in sweden and it was such a blast! being surrounded by crazy talented and ambitious devs really motivated me a lot and helped me improve my project.
the last months i didn't do much work on school wars, but instead focussed on trying to get funding. i applied for state funding programs as well as set up a kickstarter campaign that i will launch on the 10th of september!

it's all very exciting but also stressfull and i have to say i have trouble falling asleep at night :'D buuut it's all worth it!

you can check out the website i set up here: https://www.school-wars.com/