Demo Scene - cool effects made with GMS


Ave Dudes.

Sometimes one can spot very cool (3D / 2D, scrolling, lighting, primitives, etc.) effects of GMS veterans on forum pages, or on status update sections. Vividly remember @TheSnidr and @chance had really impressive materials - but who knows where these are now. And of course, even novice coders can achieve unexpected and / or perhaps worthy-to-look-at results, methinks.
If we collect them, they will not be forgotten. If the author is willing to share some of its source code, the better enjoyment for all of us.

Need inspiration?

An important note: if you like the GMS manual & the weekly blogs, I, who have tried several paid and non-paid game creator tools, wholeheartedly recommend to follow @Samuel Venable 's brilliant advice here.

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