[DEMO] Frontline




Hello everyone.
This is my new game that ive worked on in the past few months, or atleast the demo of it. I hope you like it and send me some feedback to impruve it before the final touch and release.

What is it about?
Frontline is an arcade space shooter with an extra feature, battle stations.
You operate a space Fighter and your main goal during play is to destroy as meny and as fast as you can, hazzards. And get to the alien mother [boss]. During combat the Battle Ship that follows you will recive damage so you must finish the mission quickly. You can impruve your stay during combat by adding a good combination of stations to your Battle Ship. The battle stations add various effects to the gameplay for you to benefit from. There are currently a ttotal of 19 unique stations planned for the game, in the demo you will find only 6. If you have stations installed the alien attacks will damage them, otherwise it will damage the Battle Ship. Once your ship is dead, its game over.

Altho you can beef yourself up with stations, you cant just add 10 stations of a certain type. The stations use power, and your ship has a limited reserve of it, once that power has depleted past a certain threshold that will allow you to go back to base, the mission is over. Battle stations use different amounts of power so you will have to manage well what stations to add and what to not, additionally you can add Generator stations to remedy the lack of power supply. But ofcorse you will lose a station slot.


link to Gamejolt for file and more media:> https://gamejolt.com/games/frontline/335564

link to itch.io:> https://blacklemon.itch.io/frontline

the game is mainly developed for phones. It has a nice menu sliding mechanic :)

Credits for the soundtracks go to @Evano

Edit: for some reason it doesnt allow me to uppload more screenshots, says file is too big?
Edit: there were some movement issues with the android version that i fixed and a debug trigger in the PC version that i removed. ive updated the files in gamejolt and itchio, removed the link to my drop box since its not nececery.
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thanks for the replys, soon i will be updating it. i am actively workin on this game and will finish it.


This does look pretty neat, nice and retro and it reminds me of the interlude levels on earthworm jim
thanks, i actually checked to see this earthworm jim but culd not find similarities, ive never played the game. how does it reminds you of it?

Joe Ellis

Its the part where he travels down a wormhole in space, called andy asteroids :)

I think theres about 5 stages of it, while he's travelling to each world