Looks like u did a good job recreating what the original gave. Though imo u need to play the gameboy versions. They honestly are the best versions. Also i think in some cases the level design needs to improve. I dont recall if the nes version had it. But i recall having to shoot missiles that froze enemies and use em as platforms to reach certain spots.

I noticed from the video some of the platforming seemed overly forgiving. Other then that however looked fantastic. Honestly i may not of noticed the difference otherwise.


dude, idk how I didn't see this sooner. This is beyond badass. Probably the best thing I've seen posted to the forums in a long time.

also, I got this when I fell into the lava in ridey's lair, bottom of the map.

Edit again: Also, I beat the original in 1:36 so I started novus and well...
I'm stuck lol. I have morph ball, 35 missles, and long beam. I might be retarded, but I've been hit-jumping off enemies to extend my jumps, so idk if I ended up somewhere I wasn't supposed to or Im missing something obvious lol. I ****ing love this game btw!! <3

Never mind, I'm literally just that stupid lol

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