Windows DEEP SPACE ANOMALY + FREE DLC [2D/3D Shoot 'Em Up with amazing sound ]

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  1. LCN

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    Nov 4, 2019
    Hello, dear GameMaker Community members.;)

    First a few words off-topic:
    My work was never connected with the development of games, but I always wanted to try my hand at this difficult matter, which has now become my favorite hobby.
    I participated in the development of a few games in GameMaker
    This forum, where I gathered a lot of useful information, but now I have found the strength to show my project and I hope you do not throw me tomatoes)))

    And so, I would like to present you my project
    Add DEEP SPACE ANOMALY to your Steam Wishlist!
    It's very appreciated, thank you!

    Steam Store link :

    Satisfy thirst of destruction under dynamic tracks of DJs and musicians!
    Absolutely FREE DLC :

    Teaser Trailer:

    Space. Anomalies. Throw down a challenge to mad alien mutants in dynamic firefights with continuous injection of adrenaline! Get ready for the most unforgettable and enchanting space confrontation of all time!
    DEEP SPACE ANOMALY - the intensive, fascinating and mad game which is sweeping away all borders where the main objective - to kill enemies and to have fun!
    Creativity under time pressure mixed with action-packed spaceship battles.
    There was an unforeseen event which has tightened you in an abnormal zone. Straight in the thick of battles. The amount of anomalies grows and representatives of the most different galactic races already sharpen on you claws and mandibles, and dangerous bosses are going to erase you in powder by means of cunning tactics in which it isn't so simple to find a weak point. Be going to survive as long as possible!
    It is time to show at whom the laser is thicker!
    Blow up, burn down and incinerate everything around – in your arsenal among over a dozen types of weapon choose to yourself the gun to taste! Gattling, rockets, lasers and new experimental "guns" + system of support by the allied fighting drone.
    The unique formula of increase in complexity of a game will allow you to create own, unique and individual game style.
    • Unusual mix of game genres
    • 30 Wave - Levels full of thrilling action, shooting and demolition
    • Unique enemies including Boss monsters
    • System of upgrade of the ship and weapons
    • Exclusive sounds and SFX just like from a Hollywood movies!


    82% | GOOD –
    WWG “A fun and addicting little shoot’em up that’s easy to get into and hard to put down.”
    7.0 | 10 – SocksCap64
    4.7 | 5 – Games Mojo

    "DEEP SPACE ANOMALY was fun to tackle. Those addicted to the shoot ’em up genre will find lots of good things to like about it and with a very reasonable price tag, it should be well worth the purchase."

    "Experience sci-fi chaos on DEEP SPACE ANOMALYThis game is a variation on the classic Asteroids formula with a number of new additions to add complexity and challenge. Colorful environments filled with distinctive enemies , Exciting soundtrack"
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  2. LCN

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    Nov 4, 2019
    Autumn discounts started! DEEP SPACE ANOMALY v1.02 - Available now 60% OFF!
    So be sure to grab it quick while its on sale. Free DLC included!
    UPDATE v1.02
    changes include:

    - Added 40% of armor at the beginning of the first 3 waves.
    - The first gun will cause more damage, the speed of bullets increased.
    - The machine gun bullet speed is increased.
    - The player speed and moves increased.
    - Screen centering removed.
    - Abilities are now given less frequently.
    - Button tutorial at the beginning of the game removed.
    - F1 Help.
    - Returning to menu or clicking on exit forceing a game error fixed.
    - Get achievements a little easier.


    Thank you for playing!
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  3. LCN

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    Nov 4, 2019
    The game now supports Chinese Simplified Language. 已支持简体中文
    And now 11 supported languages

    English ✔
    Russian ✔
    German ✔
    Spanish - Spain ✔
    French ✔
    Turkish ✔
    Korean ✔
    Italian ✔
    Polish ✔
    Portuguese - Brazil ✔
    Simplified Chinese ✔


    70% OFF for DEEP SPACE ANOMALY on Steam Winter Sale!
    I'm a friend of Santa's... and he sent me here to wish you... a merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays and a good Winter Sale!

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