Steam Deep Rune [Adventure/RPG]

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Deep Rune is a side-scrolling adventure game that seamlessly blends RPG mechanics and puzzle solving, all set in a mysterious world rooted in Norse mythology. Delve into the depths of an ancient underground ruin in search of the Deep Rune, a long-lost relic that is said to grant one the means to ascend to the legendary High Realm. Along the way, you'll need to strategically manage various items, magic, and stats in order to bypass the terrifying creatures that lurk within. Are you prepared to unveil the true nature of the Deep Rune?

Update: Deep Rune is now on Steam, wishlist today!

  • Full mouse control, with optional keyboard controls (a mouse is required).
  • A hand-crafted non-linear game world that rewards keen explorers.
  • 6+ playable characters with unique traits that require different strategies to play effectively.
  • A variety of items, weapons, shields, rings, and magical runes to collect and make strategic use of.
  • A scoring system that tracks how well you play. Higher scores come with handsome rewards.
Created by @JC_Bailey1112.

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John Bailey

New screenshots of the Sunken Castle, an ancient castle once home to a forgotten deity.

Full game releases in 6 weeks. ;)