Debugging - hierarchical preview structure of object with ds_list


Hi, I'm trying to look into the more complex hierarchical structure of the object in debug mode, more precisely the ds_list which contains other instances and their variables. Is it even possible? It would help me a lot.



Is there even such a thing? I always just assumed instances exist separately from objects - so to speak - and just had a variable object_index to tell GM which address to goto via a LUT.


See: Debugging (Data Types)
When you are watching a variable in any of the windows, it can be one of multiple data-types. However, due to the way that GameMaker Studio 2 stores certain things, the Debugger does not always know exactly what the variable holds. This is because the internal ID values for data structures or instances are integers and so the Debugger doesn't always know if the integer value being stored in a variable is for a data structure or an instance or is simply an integer value. For that reason, you can right click
on any variable value and get a pop-up window that lists the available data-types that this variable could be.