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Question - IDE Debugger won't connect on GMS 1.4 imported project (error 10061)


The debugger gets error 10061 and won't connect to I've changed the ports, disabled the firewall and restarted my computer. The debugger connects fine on a new project made in GMS2 but on my imported project from GMS 1.4 it has the error.

The console output is this (repeating) while the debugger tries to connect:

Debugger connected
Debug_SendGameStructure: packet size 1031533
Client Refused:
Client(0) Disconnected:
Debugger disconnected
Client(-1) Connected:
Debugger connected
Debug_SendGameStructure: packet size 1031533
I also at one point had this appear in the console, but I can't get it to reappear now:

Unexpected exception : System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.
(There was more to the error, but I can't recreate it so I had to look through my google search history from last night to get that)

Any suggestions?