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Windows Debugger window not opening


When I click on the red icon to run in debug mode, my game opens, but the debugger window does not. It appears on my windows 10 taskbar but will not open fully to see the values of my variables.

If I hover the mouse over the icon on the taskbar, I can see the white debugger screen but I cannot open it any further. If I click on the taskbar icon, the debugger icon goes black. I need the debugger.

Can anyone help, please.


Good evening, icuurd.
I wouldn't know if the port was blocked. However it has the same as in your image: 6502. Should I try something else? My internet is wireless as is my connection to my printer if that is any help.


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Change the port to something else, could be that trivial. it's possible your virus scanner or windows asked for permission to use the port a while back and you denied it...

goggle how to unblock port access windows10