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Mac OSX Debugger watches not working


IDE: MACOS v., Runtime:

Hi, I am running my game in debug mode and in the Debugger window in the Variables tab I am trying to add some watches. For example I added name: "global.level" but on the "Value" column there is nothing. I added various other variables and still they don't show any values. I checked and these variables I added show fine in the "Globals" pane of the debygger and they also update realtime. I do have the "realtime debugging" enabled as well (stopwatch icon). When i pause the debugger they still don't show any values. I noticed that also the "locals" pane is also empty although i do have local variables. Am I doing something wrong?

Is this a limitation of the debugger in MACOS or is it a bug? Is the debugger in the MacOS IDE different in any way compared to the one in Windows IDE?

Thanks in advance.