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Question - IDE Debugger turns to white screen when it has breakpoint




I have trouble with my code and want to use the debugger to see why the code is not working as expected.

However, I have a problem with the debugger itself. Using GMS2, the game works fine starting on normal run mode, it also starts fine in debug mode when I do not use a breakpoint.

If I do add a breakpoint though, into an event that does not happen until you hit an enemy, the debugger simply shows a blank white screen if the game starts in a room where an instance of the enemy is present. Otherwise the game simply gets stuck in the room it starts in, not responding to any input (the room is visible in this case, i.e., not a white screen, if there is no instance of the enemy present)

Has anyone else had the same problem, and how did you solve it in that case? is it a bug with GMS2 or am I using it wrong? This happens to different game projects as well.