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Question - IDE Debugger Missing Events?


Hey everyone,

So, while trying to figure out why a piece of code wasn't working (my missiles went boom, but they didn't hurt anyone), I put down some breakpoints in order to step through what was going wrong and found that the debugger would stop when the event was triggered, but no code would show up. When I ran through the resource view to find the event in question, I found that it just didn't exist in the debugger, though I could pull it up in my workspace, and the breakpoints within it would trigger.

Anybody running into a similar issue?

The code itself isn't my main concern; the fact that debugger 'knows' to break but can't find the code is. This doesn't crash anything, and further breakpoints do show up normally; it's just this specific collision event in this one object that isn't being pulled up correctly. I've tried duplicating and changing the event in question, neither fix the issue.

I'm using GMS 2's built-in source control for this project if that helps.


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Have you cleared the compiler cache and tested again? It's the "broom" icon at the top of the IDE: Generally, when something "weird" like this happens, it's the first thing I do before testing again...


I just did -- didn't fix the issue. Neither did restarting GMS nor did just ignoring it for a few hours.

I've done some more testing, and from what I'm seeing, the problem seems to be contained to collision events with a specific object. Any new object I make that has a collision event with the object in question doesn't have that collision event carried over to the debugger. However, other events and other collision events make it over just fine.

Mirroring the event in the object in question (it's a collision event) is carried over to the debugger, but that's not ideal for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that if it happens again, there may not be easy workarounds.