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Legacy GM Debug window only allows one instance and breaks when debugging multiple projects at the same time


I am not 100% sure if this is still a problem, it may have been fixed, though I doubt it.

When I was working with networking, I'm ought to use a client and a server for testing, even multiple servers. This requires multiple projects, and sometimes even for multiple debuggers. But because of debugger breaking when launching in debug mode a second project, I can only debug ONE of these instances. It then either has to be the server or one of the clients, which, in worst case scenarios is really bad.

If this is still present, could this be fixed, as it's probably the most crucial mechanics that could do with fixing that I know of.


Stuff like this really needs fixing honestly. GM 1 is a product of its own that people are probably still buying. In fact, I'll probably be buying this version rather than GM 2 because GM 2 is a rental-only for console platforms, which is dumb.

EDIT: just remembered it's Game Maker STUDIO and GMS 2. There's the old GM too, which probably has even more issues. I understand having more features for a later product, but at least have the old bugs and errors out the way for a sturdy product.
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You can't buy GMS1 or its modules anymore as far as I know, either.

You can try to use it if you want, but don't expect updates for it. It's already been discontinued. :x