GMC Jam Deadly Desire - Post Version


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Everyone is gone, including your parents. You are all alone and don't know what has happened. You play as a boy who searches for his parents along with some friends on the path to seeking the truth.​

This extremely short adventure was made by GhostlyFeline and Me (Misu) for the GMC Jam.
This version is not the original jam entry; it is the original idea we had in mind for the game, which was not completed on time during the jam period. In the post version, there are several issues fixed:

- A few minor bugs fixed.
- Cool-down system includes an indicator. A simple text that fades in and fades out.
- Terrain collision fixed.
- Witch no longer disappears in thin air during one scene.
- Game and story is shortly extended along with an additional scene.
- Game now has a new ending in which you can determine which side to choose.



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I just tried the newer version, and I must say this seems nice. The game has a wistful ambience to it. Sort of dreamlike and eerie, but not scary. The graphics, color palette and background music work together nicely to create the right mood. And the character design and animation is particularly good.

After a couple of tries, I completed the first level. But I haven't gotten too far with the second level yet. The game seems to be based on making jumps, and I'm not very good at that. So I hope the game focuses on other stuff later on.

But I like what I've seen so far. It looks pretty good -- at least visually.