Released Dead town - Roguelike survival game [Android/iOS]

Discussion in 'Made with GameMaker' started by kjs104901, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. kjs104901

    kjs104901 Member

    Aug 4, 2016
    Hi, My team just released a game 'Dead town'

    It's a rogue-like zombie shooting survival game.
    You can get it on Google play and Apple app store.


    Google play :
    App store :

    A *hardcore* rogue-like zombie shooting games.
    You have to survive in the dead town.
    You can craft, cook, and make your own base.

    There are
    - Many kinds of equipment.
    - Many kinds of weapons.
    - Special zombies.
    - Bosses.

    Survive as long as you can.






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  2. DyingSilence

    DyingSilence Member

    Jul 23, 2016
    I've played this game and tried my best to enjoy it.

    The tutorial was terrible - shoving all the information at once at the player's face is considered to be a joke nowadays. The controls are far from optimal either. I'm not a fan of onscreen joysticks, but ignoring this fact, it's largely irritating when i use the right side of the screen, want to walk, an then the character flips backwards, changing the camera. The first day and night were boring, the item drops make little sense, the content progression is way too slow.

    But, this game also made some things right:

    Menu flow is good, not brilliant, but solid. The combat system has much potential, it can be really fun if used properly. Also i was nicely surprised when i came to a medical building and found actual medicaments there. The art style is mostly really consistent, i like this.

    Things needing quick fixes:

    The darkness surface, it doesn't cover one pixel line at the top and right side of the screen.
    Collectibles spawning in solid objects, sometimes impossible to obtain.
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  3. Karma

    Karma Member

    Dec 7, 2016
    I really liked this game
    I think you should add in more things to craft like for example a craft desk out of gold to make the Most advanced items as gold is really hard to find
    But yes I really loved this game
    The art style was fantastic, menu was smooth, and gameplay was overall fun

    I did find a couple bugs though
    My device is a sony xperia e4 and when the game turned to night time the black started flickering
    This was really sad as it almost caused my little sister to have a seizure but I managed to fix it I Don't know how

    I also think that the difficulty curve is too steep
    On night 1 I was standing in a corner killing zombies whereas on night 7 there were zombies Everywhere including the super zombies
    I also think that you should lower the usage rate of the chainsaw as it used about 100 oil in 3.5 Minutes where as the motor bike only used around 27
    Overall this is an absolutely great game and I will continue to play it as long as I can

  4. sixert

    sixert Member

    Oct 15, 2016
    You did a good job dude. 100.000 - 500.000 downloads allready..
    Good job!
    Please learn me some of your skills xD
  5. mdj.latam

    mdj.latam Member

    Aug 8, 2016
    love the crafting system!! bro any chance for a tutorial on that one?
  6. RizbIT

    RizbIT Member

    Jun 24, 2016
    liking the graphics
  7. venice

    venice Member

    Dec 16, 2018
    I love this game and i’m still playing it after years.
    There are some glitches that need to be fixed:
    you cannot delete potato farms after placing them.
    please keep updating this game, it’s amazing and there are still many people playing it.
  8. Lucia

    Lucia Member

    Oct 12, 2018
    only for mobile? :(

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