Beta DateND - Small Dating RPG


(copypasted from the home website because cut me a break I spent like an hour typing that up)

"...this is a microtransaction-free, grass-fed organic RPG split into two main parts: life on the college campus, and the harrowing adventures of a dungeon master. During the day, you take the role of a socially awkward college freshman attempting to grind your personality traits to woo an increasingly unrealistic group of female co-eds that all immediately become your friends and all coincidentally love to play Dungeons & Dragons.

The primary goal of DateND's design is to make an engaging, fast paced, and strategic combat system that uses real ATB and real-time gameplay; the game will not pause for the player to take an action, and the enemies will not wait for you to take your turn."

The game is still in a very early stage, so UI and assets look pretty spartan, and some characters/enemies/skills are pretty unbalanced, but these will be updated in the future, with the latest soon-coming update being a UI overhaul.

The full game pitch, details, updates, and demo can all be found at

I'm currently working on this solo, and with a little under half a year of on-and-off development I figured this was growing enough gameplay permutations to warrant branching out to get as much feedback and testing as possible.

Testimonials from real private testers:
  • "the battle system is what really shines"
  • "[it] was pretty cool, I'm not so great at the constructive criticism part though"
  • "I complained a bunch in the first version about the default cursor being new game instead of load"
Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated

Shinu Real Arts

I like the pixel art. Good luck with the rest of the project.


Update: contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead. Ran into some troubles that halted development for a while, but I'm back on it now. I posted more details and news on the blog, but the short version is I've finished the prettying-up portion of the update and all that's left is finishing up some content regarding the newcomer and, after a (hopefully) brief private testing period a public update will be ready


7/10 UPDATE: v0.2.1 released!
  • Major changes/overhauls
    • Major UI update, lots of triangles
    • New character [Seethe] added: become good friends with [Ari] to meet her
    • New class [Operator] added: an extremely offensive class made by [Seethe] with the highest base and growth F-ATK out of all the classes to decimate enemies with gun skills and burst debuffs
    • New option [Time Assist] added: slows time down while the ACT menu is open
    • New option [Text Speed] added to adjust text crawl during dialogue
    • Materials added: drops from enemies that are used to upgrade Feats
    • Floors 6-10 added
    • You can no longer invite someone to DnD if they're out that day (With one or two exceptions)
  • Character adjustments
    • Minor fixes to some of [Witchford]'s sprites
    • Changed [Witchford]'s schedule to Tues/Wed/Fri
    • Changed [Ari]'s schedule to Mon/Wed/Sat
    • Changed [Altai]'s schedule to Tues/Wed/Sat
  • ACT adjustments
    • [Dusk Siphon] no longer revives allies
  • Misc
    • Aggro function added
    • Overall considerable stat boost to all enemies
    • Adjusted DEF and EVA to have less of an impact during damage calculation
    • Decreased "INDP Act" trigger rate
    • Window now shows game version
    • Added slight stat variance to enemies
    • Fixed floor clear volume glitch
    • Fixed minor overlapping audio glitch

Full details and download link at