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Dark Dreams RHN is finished and released. If you are looking for your normal Survival Horror Action Adventure Platformer - this is it, look no further. :duck: And it's free.


My copy-paste description:

Dark Dreams RHN is a Survival Horror Metroidvania based on actual nightmares.

RHN is a dream machine designed to record and interpret dreams. "Dark Dreams" in particular simulates a "perfect nightmare" based on the real dreams of the real people. The world of Dark Dreams RHN is a work of their (and my own) collective subconsciousness.

*Non-linear open-world filled with enemies, traps and puzzles
*Survival Horror and platforming - in the same game; at the same time
*Varied boss fights
*Surreal "mind sex" story with characters that "make no sense whatsoever"
*Hand-drawn 2D graphics

Platform: PC Windows
Made on Game Maker Studio 2.

May contain content inappropriate for children.


Keyboards: W-A-S-D + J-K-I + ESC

The game supports an Xbox controller (must be plugged in beforehand) (press "Start" if the game asks to press "any button"). If you want to use a different controller or set the controls however you like you might want to use a third-party software like Xpadder.


The game on ITCH.IO:
The game on GameJolt:
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