Android D-Zero Project (A Digimon Tamagotchi-like game)


Momo Sheep

"A digimon fan game project that aim to be accepted by Bandai Namco, let's make It real!"
Hey, hi. This game began this year to be developed, although a good time being studied and researched. Basically he joins classic Digimon games with Tamagotchi, adventure, collection and competition. It is a game in which you raise, train, collect, explore and battle your digimons online or offline. Okay, "But how will you deal with Digimon's copyright?" Well, we really want the game to be official, but for this we must get the Bandai Namco's attention to accept the project. How? With the strength of the community! If you liked the game, follow our Instagram (it's at the end of the post), so when our dear Bandai look for our project or bump into it, it will see that it is highly desired and that it can become a product for them. So if you want to help, we do not ask for money or anything, we ask you to share your ideas and share the project. Okay, but how's this such game?

Let's go
As I said before, you'll take care of digimons. Up to 6 digimons, according to your level (the more level the more digimons you can have, up to 6). These little babies need food, care for not getting sick, training and love. While they are babies, they will not be able to explore, but as children their adventures begin. You can take up to 3 digimons to explore on special or random maps, generated from a keyword, random words / letters / numbers. Some maps are more difficult to enter than others and need to be hacked (special requirements are required to enter it). About key words, they can be for example: name of food, name of some date ... Some you can only enter on a certain day, as for example the map of the word "Christmas" can only be accessed on Christmas day. In these maps can be found battle digimons, items and NPCs. The more your digimons battle the more tired they are and soon they will ask you to go back to your village. Your village is where your digimons live. There they interact with each other and interact with the decorations / training items. Some special NPCs may appear to give you missions, sell items or give clues to special map keywords. It is possible that in your village you can have a digimon from a friend for limited time and power, this will help you and your digimons in their adventures and fights. The more you digimon train and fight the more it get stronger and it may evolve (if it match some conditions) or be rebooted when it is on its max level to get status bonuses and more. You also can get bonuses on stats making your digimon happy and making your digimon like you.

I will attach some images of the project

There is a lot to say about this game mechanics, so I will let you guys now ask or share some idea, so we can edit and make this description even better.

We plan to launch a beta when every offline part of it is ready for them to test and report bugs.

How can I give support?: Follow our Instagram @dzeroproject and tell us your ideas! We want the game to be fun for everyone and reach the public beyond the likes of digimon.


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