Android D-Day Gunner FREE (50k+ downloads)

Hi everyone, this game is by no means new but it's been extensively updated the past few years. It caused a lot of controversy off and on through the years because many did not like the fact that it was Germans vs Allies and the player is on the German side. It's a game about defending your position during D-Day so the player had to be on the German side but some seen this as Anti-American but hey I am 100% American and it's just a game. I've been called a nazi and many other names over this so I had to make a couple other gunner style games from Nato side (Middle East Gunner) and US side (the recent Wake Island Gunner) to show that hey I am certainly not anti-American.

Anyway I figured I would share it on here since its free and recently hit a milestone. Also, it was developed 100% in gms1.4 and has been imported to gms2. I will put the link below to the free version on Google Play and there is also an ad free paid version on for the pc for those who are interested. Last there is an official site for it as well with a lot more info and more screenshots.

So yeah, check it out and have fun also rate it if you will. Cheers! :)

It is D-Day, June 6th, 1944 and WW2 continues as Allied forces prepare to storm the beaches of Normandy. As a German WW2 bunker gunner you are up against overwhelming odds. Shoot as many Allied troops and units you can before they over run your bunker. Shoot at landing craft, planes, tanks and troops. See how long you can hold out and score as many points as possible. See in game instructions for more info.

Official D-Day Gunner site:

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