Cutscene Performance: Sprites versus Layer Changes

My game performs fine but I see value in learning optimization now for future application. I have some segments of the game which are simple animated scenes that react to very limited inputs (space to start, space to stop... that sort of thing) and so far I have been building them like old movies, stretching each clip as a sprite over a tile layer and then running through the tile layers (I name the layers Layer0, Layer1, etc. and then use a for loop with a delay to run through them by concatenating the for variable). The next part I'm building will either involve 3 groups of layers or 3 sprite (object) sets.

Question part A: Am I creating a potential performance lag by dodging the sprite (object) animations?

Question part B: Is there a best way to handle these kinds of scenes where it's always the same play order and player input has minimal effect?