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Question - IDE Customize Default Naming Conventions?

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Is it possible to customize the default naming conventions within GMS?

For example, when you create a new object, it is named "object_1", or a new sprite is "sprite_1".
I personally do not use this naming convention.
I use:


Is it possible to change that default "object_" or "sprite_" to be "obj_" or "spr_"?

I know this is a super minor nit-picky thing.. Just thought it would be cool.
Tried taking a peek in the preferences, and didn't see anything that looks like it would allow me to setup my own naming conventions for newly created elements.


I don't think anybody uses the default naming conventions. I don't think anybody uses "object_1" either though. You kinda have to rename all your resources either way.


I figured that was the case.
It would be nice to have the default be "obj_1", so I could just rename the "1" to something more meaningful like "obj_Player" or whatever.
But again, this is just me being lazy I suppose :)


I would like this. It would help reinforce my "house style" for naming conventions, make me feel "at home" in the IDE, and save me a couple of keystrokes every time I create or duplicate a new resource in a project. It should be a simple matter of adding a bunch of configurable strings to the preferences for what new resources should be named.


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You create a new resource, you press Ctrl+A, then type the resource name. If you don't do that, you're wasting time and should be doing that. In which case "naming convention preference" doesn't provide any benefits whatsoever.
One thing that would be very useful is if, when we duplicate an asset, it automatically allows us to rename that asset. Right now, you have to right-click the duplicated asset and go to rename (or just use F2) which becomes somewhat cumbersome after a while.