Custom Sprite Framework sub images are buggy

can someone help me with my problem here

it seems that my sub images are being sliced in half and I'm not sure why
it might have something to do with the images because I reorganized the sprite sheet and now all of them are doing this instead of just the luigi and wario ones

this is my sprite sheet setup

here is what happens(ignore the flickering that's not the problem)

this is my code
/// @desc Game create event
// You can write your code in this editor

global.skins_loaded = false
global.skins = []

// Init systems
palette_init_system(shd_palette, false)


// Flags
is_paused  = false
is_exiting = false

// Flag vars
paused_id  = noone
/// @desc def_sprites()

global.skins = load_skins()
//global.tilesets[0] = image_load_get("smb3");
/// @desc load_skins()

var skins = []
//img_group_players = -1;

// Make sure all directorys exist else make them
if (!directory_exists(working_directory+"graphics\\skins")) directory_create(working_directory+"graphics\\skins")

// Find first skin
var skin_name  = file_find_first(working_directory+"graphics\\skins\\*.png", 0)
var skin_index = 0

// Load all skins
while(skin_name != "" && skin_name != "<null>")
    img_group_players  = image_group_create("player_"+string(skin_index));
    image_stream_start(img_group_players, 112, 32, 0);
    image_stream_add(img_group_players, "skin_"+skin_name, working_directory+"graphics\\skins\\"+skin_name, 14, 0, 0);
    skins[skin_index] = image_group_find_image(img_group_players, "skin_"+skin_name);
    skin_name  = file_find_next()
    skin_index ++;

return skins
that is for adding internal sprites
I don't have a sub images per row in sprite_add() or image_stream_add()
I only have the number of sub images

also I didn't set up my sprite sheet wrong it is either a bug with sprite_add or something with my code
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not sure, but isn't GMS assuming that the spritestrip is on 1 row (as it is how GMS export them) ?

checked in the docs. format of the strip (except for gif) is one row and
All images that are to be turned into animated sprites - except for *.gif (see below) - should have a "strip" format (see the image below) and it will be split into the number of sub-images specified following the rule sprite width = strip width / sub images.
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uhgg that is dumb.
there is no reason for it to be limited like that.

I really need to be able to add a double row image as one sprite.

wait why is it showing the second row then? shouldn't it only be showing the top row?
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