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Android Custom Runtime Merges

Jack S

Hi everyone, I have a odd question that relates more to GIT and using it with GMS source than GMS specific.

For the last year we have run a custom runtime on android for deep firebase integration and a few other quality of life features for our project. What I'm wondering is if their is a better way for us to update runtimes when new ones are released.

Right now I just go and hand edit the new runtime using a "script" with changes to make. It works, it's not too bad, etc but I figure their has to be a better way.

What I'm thinking is

1. Create a git repo - check in our customized runtime.
2. Create a branch on the repo and switch to it.
3. Delete the runtime files and place the new update runtime files. (This catches any file deletions)
4. Commit the update runtime to the branch.
5. Run merge tools on the runtime files we care about (our edits) and ensure we keep our changes. (Merge these back into the branch with the new official runtime)
6. Merge the update branch back into the master.
7. Bonus - easy review of code changes made by YoYo in the update as compared to the last version.

What I'm not sure about - is this the best process for this sort of update? Does anyone have suggestions for improvements?