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Portfolio - Audio Custom Music for your Game! - Mobiusdisco [Composer]


Hello, I'm Connor / Mobiusdisco and I write and record music for Games, Film, and more!!

Here are some examples of what I've made:

Uptempo Synth Dungeon Crawler: Dungeon Crawler
Cyberpunk Cinematic Theme for spxOS: "Tomorrow"
Eldritch Horror Level Theme for God's Gift: "Dismantle"
Chiptune Battle theme for Reindeer Story: Battle Theme
Sega Genesis/Megadrive era FM Chiptune: "Too Busy To Funk"
Funky/Jazzy Character Theme: "The Informant"
Airy Soundtrack for Gamejam Entry: LD 42 Breathing Room

I am available as a Music Composer, Audio Engineer and more for Large and Small projects alike. If you need true to style 8bit chiptunes for your retro platformer, dance music with the latest synthesizers, or fun and expressive character themes for your project, let me know! Besides Chiptune, Dance Music, and Ambient tracks I have also worked with Drum and Bass, House, Jazz, Synthwave, Piano, Indie Cinema and more.

My skills aren't just with composing tracks: I also accept remixing or mastering work. If your project's audio isn't where it needs to be, we can work on a solution.
My prices are attainable and accept payments through PayPal


Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to working together soon!

If there is a style you didn't hear ask me about it, I'm always happy to try something new!