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Hello, I'm Ryuno. My audio work has been featured in anime such as SEX and VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED by Studio TRIGGER and games such as Cavern Kings, XenoRaptor, Comiket releases and several other projects.

Here are some demos of my work:

Cavern Kings' Main Theme: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/cavern-kings-main-theme
Cavern Kings' Boss Theme: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/cavern-kings-boss-theme
Future bass track for the anime SEX and VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED, "2LEWD": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/2lewd-sex-and-violence-with-machspeed
XenoRaptor [main theme]: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/xenoraptor-main-theme
Gate's Healing Theme [Inspired by Twin Peaks]: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/gate-healing-theme-inspired-by-twin-peaks
SNES era, Contra-inpsired "When It Hits the Fan OST": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/sets/when-it-hits-the-fan-ost
Cinematic Demo 1: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/brass-demo
Cinematic Demo 2: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/demo3a
"Nuclear Winter", based on Carol of the Bells: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/nuclear-winter
Short jazz track for last year's Ludum Dare challenge: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/jazzy-track
Modern Metal track, "Ars Finita": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/ars-finita
Chiptune track, "Wub Dub De Club": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/wub-dub-de-club
Chiptune playlist, ArkBurst OST: https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/sets/arkburst-ost
Synthwave track, "Countach": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/countach-korg-poly-800-demo
Future bass track, "take your hands": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/take-your-hands-nest-hq-premiere
Orchestral track, "Zenith": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/zenith-orchestral-demo
Future bass track for Capcom, "cloudstepping": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/cloudstepping-featured-on-capcoms-crossxbeats
Future bass/dancehall track, "Chaser": https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore/ryuno-chaser-forthcoming-on-frequency-blitz-4

I'm currently making my services available as a Sound Designer, Music Composer and Audio Engineer for freelance or part-time work. If you need electronic dance tracks with cutting-edge sounds, retro music to accompany your 8-bit era inspired game or powerful and aggressive down-tuned guitar work, let me know. Besides Dubstep, Metal and Chiptune I have worked with Drum & Bass, Electro, House, Trance, Ambient, Jazz, Breakbeat, Classical/Cinematic score, Hardcore (both mosh-pit and UK genres), Glitch Hop, Flamenco, Pop/Alternative Rock, Drumstep, Trap, Hip Hop, Synthwave and many more.

My services aren't limited to composing and remixing tracks: I can develop custom sound effects for your project using a wide array of synthesizers. Also accepting mixing and mastering gigs: if you have a problem with your project's audio, we can work on a solution. My prices are accessible and I work exclusively with PayPal.

Skype: Ryunocore
E-mail: contact@ryunocore.com

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to working together on new and exciting projects.


I appreciate that you've posted examples of several different styles of music. Do you mind if I ask, are you willing to work with a revenue share system of payment?