Custom level design tools - similar to Swords of Ditto tools


Hello all,

I was just watching this “making of” video from Swords of Ditto -

and I was really interested in some of the tools they developed for level editing, somehow still in GSM I think, something like the path tool was especially interesting. Anyone have any clue where I might start to look into stuff like that? Did onebitbeyond ever share stuff with the community?

Any information or insight is appreciated!


Joe Ellis

I've made a level editor in gm that runs in realtime in the game, I'm not really trying to advertise, but wanted to give you inspiration, and proof that it's possible. But the coding for it is gonna be a huge journey, you can make something basic in a few days but getting the whole system to work with all aspects together will take a long time, at least it did for me
I've made quite a lot of map editors over the years across many genres.

As for the path system, I'd recommend points making lines and using those lines to add recurring sprites to a surface. That way you only need to draw the surface and spare yourself rendering a lot of lines and sprites for each frame.