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Question - D&D Custom Drag & Drop Functions with named Parameters possible?


I currently try to create an easy to use RPG Framework for GMS2.
For that I would like to make some scripts that I would be compatible with the Drag & Drop System so that beginners could also use it even if I am a programmer and would not use it myself...

I noticed that calling GML/DND Script Code is no problem at all using "Function Call" or "Execute Script"...
But the usage of these Nodes is increadible ugly because the only thing displayed for the parameters is "Argument"...

2019-01-10 18_35_57-Window.png

Is there any way to create Custom Nodes which will use the JSDoc Style Comments to display arguments in a more readable way?
Or is it possible with Extensions?
So that it looks more less like this:

2019-01-10 19_45_42-Window.png

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