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Custom Android game icons not displaying in game's installer or Open-apps screens


I've added a custom icon for every size under Global Game Settings > Android/Fire > Graphics (36x36 to 196x196), but when installing the APK, as well as on the Open apps screen (the square at the bottom of the phone which previews all open app windows), the GM:S default icon appears instead of the ones I've set.

How would I go about fixing this?


I had this too, recently, but there two places to set your icon data up - I didn't update my 'adaptive' icons, and ended up with an old icon showing. Maybe it's that?

Also, I found that if I was a beta tester for my own (originally side-loaded) app, it didn't replace the icon when I updated it, I had to uninstall the app first to get it to update - another possible...